Bollywood Movies that Deserve a Sequel

Bollywood movies that viewers want to watch on theater again.

Bollywood churns out numerous movies every year. So, sequels are inevitable. “Tanu weds Manu returns” was a blockbuster, and it proved that a sequel can be as good as the first part. Some movies are so good that we never want them to end. When we leave the theatre, we take the characters along with us and wonder what would happen next. Here is a list of Bollywood movies that should definitely have a sequel.


3 Idiots rocked the nation in 2009. We got to meet the quirky characters of Rancho, Farhan and Raju. Every student could relate to the movie due to its honest portrayal of our education system with the right dose of comedy. We still want to see how Phunsukh’s life would unfold with Pia by her side. It will be interesting to see how Farhan and Raju would continue their friendship with Rancho. And yes, we are quite excited to know how Chatur would deal with the fact that Rancho is so much more successful than him.



Rajneeti is a political thriller drama by Prakash Jha. With a fantastic cast and crispy storyline, it hooked us to the ruthless world of Indian Politics from the beginning till the end. But we are still left craving for more! A sequel would be fantastic, as we’d get to know how Indu would manage Politics as a single mother. Such a strong character is relevant in this day and age. Even Samar’s character was left with scars. They might get their happy endings, as the first part was filled with blood and grief. It will be enthralling to have Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor together on screen.



ZNMD is the kind of movie which takes you to a trip around the most exquisite places. When the movie ends, you come back to your real life and realize that you are still stuck in your mundane routine. That’s when you make a plan to quit your job and travel the world. But that plan never happens, so you spend the rest of your time watching the movie again and again. But won’t it be great to have a sequel to quench our insatiable thirst for living a limitless life? It will be great to see how Arjun, Kabir and Imran deal with the decisions they took in the first part and what new lessons they’d learn.



Queen touched the heart of each woman. How many times do we suppress our real self to please others? How many times do we depend on others but they break our trust? The journey of Rani is a bold confession that a woman can be independent and courageous. But it will be great to have a sequel and see if our Queen would get her true love.



Rockstar ended on a very sad note. Jordan became a depressed rockstar due to Heer’s death. Even viewers couldn’t handle such an intense ending. It would be amazing to see how Jordan’s life unfolded after Heer’s death, and if he would find someone who could heal his broken heart.


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