Bollywood Movies That are Copied from Hollywood

Bollywood Movies and their original counterparts.

Bollywood takes inspiration from Hollywood for various films. Call it inspiration or blatant rip-off, many of these Bollywood film directors have certainly forgotten to give the credit to their rightful story writers. Before praising these movies for their unique storyline or entertainment quotient once again, please have a look at their original version and then decide: Do they really deserve all the attention we have given to them?

1. Ghajini – Momento

Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s epic Momento, Ghajini doesn’t shy away from heavily borrowing some scenes and basic idea from it. Ghajini is not as mind-twisting as Momento. It might be appealing to those who are not aware of Christopher Nolan’s creative mind and his way of executing the movies. Ghajini certainly fails to recreate the intrigue, mystery and excitement like Momento which is still considered one of the best Hollywood Movies. But we think Momento certainly deserves a mention in both the Tamil and the Bollywood version of Ghajini.


2. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya – Fatal Attraction

Bollywood doesn’t have many psychological thrillers. Blame it on lack of market for these genre or simply because writers don’t want to write a good psychological thriller. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya boasts itself for being one of the few Bollywood movies who are created in this genre. But it’s ‘inspired’ by the Hollywood movie, Fatal Attraction. It has literally picked up the main events and recreated the entire movie. Nowhere on its Wikipedia page does it mention Fatal Attraction. We wish that Bollywood directors were as willing to give the credits to the original movies as they copy the story lines and take away all the credit.


3. Singh is Kinng – Mr. Canton and Lady Rose

When we watched Singh is Kinng for the first time, we certainly fell in love with Akshay Kumar’s turban and Punjabi attitude. We laughed a lot while watching the movie and praised the movie for its entertaining story line. But do you know that Singh is Kinng is copied from a Hollywood movie, Mr. Canton and Lady Rose? All the main events are blatantly copied, and not a single credit has been given to the original story writers. We cannot forgive the producers for ripping off a Hollywood movie. And then, they make it seem like they are the original creators.


4. F.A.L.T.U. – Accepted

Every student can relate to the movie, F.A.L.T.U. In fact, if you are not aware of the fact that it’s been copied from a Hollywood movie, Accepted, then you may even praise its honest and comic portrayal of our education system. But let’s agree. When we get to know that the movie heavily borrows from another movie, it just makes us question the creativity and originality of our own directors.


5. Black – The Miracle worker

Sanjay Leela Bhansali received a lot of praise for his ‘unique’ and ‘ravishing’ movie, Black. Who knew that this National Award Winning Director has copied one of the best movies of his career? SLB is capable of delivering original movies, but only if he can learn to mention the original work which inspires him to make a particular movie.


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