Bollywood movies that are based on true India stories.

We know about so many Bollywood movies being based on real stories. But the one common trend about these real-life movies is that most of them are centered around the same topic of historic leaders and their life story. So, we decided that we will make a small list of real-life movies which do not center around historic leaders or their lives –

1.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag milkha Bhaag,directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, is a biographical sports drama about a national champion runner and an Olympian, Milkha Singh.This movie focuses on Milkha’s journey to become an Olympian,the various obstacles that came his way and how he overcame them.The movie also peeks into the early life of Milkha Singh,when he resided in Pakistan with his family and had to flee away to India and what impact did this have on his later life.

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2.Chak De India

Not known to many that Chak de India is based on true life story of hockey player Mr.Meer Ranjan Negi.Mr.Negi was charged with match fixing allegations when the team lost to Pakistan in 1982 Asian games held in Delhi.As a result,Negi took up coaching of the Women’s hockey team of India. As fate would have it,the Women’s team under Negi’s leadership won the gold medal at the Manchester common wealth games in 2002.


3.No one killed Jessica

As we all know, No one killed Jessica is based on the high profile murder case of a Delhi based model called Jessica Lal.Jessica was shot dead at party where she was bar tending after she refused to serve drinks past the closing time of the bar.She was shot by Manu Sharma,son of a wealthy and influential Politician of Haryana.Using the political power,Manu Sharma got away with the murder on the grounds of lack of evidence in February 2006.This resulted in an unrest and outcry among the people asking Justice for Jessica.As a result of the many protests and fights put up by Sabrina,Jessica’s sister,Manu Sharma and his friends were found guilty and were sentenced to Lifetime imprisonment in December 2006.



4.The Attacks of 26/11

As the name says it the attacks of 26/11 is about  the terror attacks that took place in the city of Mumbai in 2008.This movie takes one through everything that happened that night in detail. It starts with the terrorists entering Bombay through the sea and ends with Kasab finally getting hanged to death.From the start till the end,this movie is guaranteed to keep you glued to your chair with a number of nail biting moments.



Border is a war film based on the battle of Longewala.It is a film that touches one at many levels because of the beautiful portrayal of love and emotions.It focuses not only on the war and war planning but also on the relationships and bonds that these army men share with each other and their families.It also shows to the public the kind of sacrifices the army does in order to keep us and the country safe. And this balance of war with a little bit of laughter,love and lots of emotions is what makes border such a special film.


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