Bollywood Movies Based on Indo-Pakistan War

Bollywood movies that brought the wars on silver screen.

India and Pakistan have been enemies since 1947. The war between these two neighbouring countries has become a major source of inspiration for Bollywood to produce movies that are based on Indo-Pakistan wars. Time and again, our soldiers have proved that they are capable of facing their enemies with sheer determination and strength. Their valour has been portrayed on the silver screen with great efficiency. We are proud of our Indian soldiers who are on the LOC, protecting us against the continuous attacks of the enemy. We hope that they succeed in every war. Here is a list of Bollywood Movies based on India-Pakistan conflict.

1. Lakshya

Lakshya is based on Kargil War. Hrithik Roshan has played the role of Captain Karan Shergill wholeheartedly. It  makes us aware of the hard training the our army officers go through, and the continuous loss of life that is happening on border. Lakshya is a very emotional and honest portrayal of the life of a soldier and Kargil war. Every Indian can feel the surge of patriotism and pride for India. No wonder the song “Kandho se milte hai Kandhe” has made an abode in heart of every Indian.


2. Border

Border is one of the best movies on the life of Indian army. It revolves around the Battleof  Longewala during Indo-Pakistan War in the year 1971 as well as war for Bangladesh’s freedom. Border will certainly make you feel emotional, and remind you of the sacrifices that our soldiers make in order to keep us safe and secure. It’s heart-wrenching to see how soldiers lose their companions who become like a family to them. No one can be compared to an army soldier who has dedicated his entire life to his motherland.


3. LOC Kargil

LOC Kargil revolves around the events of Kargil war that happened between India and Pakistan. The movie revolves around Battle of Tololing and Operation Vijay. Abhishek Bachchan played the role of Captain Vikram Batra who gave a very enthusiastic and patriotic interview during the Kargil War to NDTV, recorded by Barkha Dutt, in the warzone. Ajay Devgn played the role of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey. The movie brought alive the struggle and success of our soldiers during the war. We have lost so many of our soldiers in the wars, and we still remember them with great pride and respect.


4. Hindustan Ki Kasam

Hindustan Ki Kasam is a 1973 movie, starring Raaj Kumar. It’s revolves around Operation Cactus Lily during the Indo-Pakistan War that happened in the year 1971. It is a very realistic portrayal of the war, and brings forward the life of our army soldiers on silver screen.


We cannot forget the sacrifices of our army officers. Right now, they are at the LOC, guarding India against the terrorist attacks. Let’s pray for our soldiers to return back safe and sound this Diwali.

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