Bollywood Movies that were banned in Pakistan

Bollywood Movies that didn’t release in Pakistan

Bollywood and Pakistan have a deep connection. Pakistani citizens enjoy our movies, dance on our songs and give love and affection to our actors. On the other hand, Bollywood often hires Pakistani actors and actresses in their movies. But time and again, Pakistan has banned Bollywood movies in its country if the movie seems to threaten their integrity. Here is a list of Bollywood movies that didn’t release in Pakistan.

1. Neerja

Neerja is a valorous story of courageous Neerja Bhanot. When the Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked in 1986 by a group of terrorists, Neerja maintained her calm and with the help of her fellow flight attendants, evacuated the passengers. The movie won many accolades and went on to become one of the best movies of 2016. But Pakistan banned the movie by claiming that it showed the country in bad light. As much as we know, the movie was clearly against terrorism, not Pakistan.


2. Phantom

Phantom was the most controversial movie of the year 2015. It is based on the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. There were direct references about Hafiz Muhammad Saeed—an influential figure of Pakistan—and his involvement in the terrorist attack. The movie clearly mentioned about Pakistan’s stance in the terrorist attack. Even though the movie is not exactly anti-Pakistani, but some elements of the movie were considered threatening.


3. Baby

Baby is also based on 2008 Mumbai terrorists attack. Akshay Kumar’s movie makes a direct reference about Hafiz Saeed, and it has exposed his role in the terrorist attacks. Baby is one of the best movies of Bollywood. It wasn’t released in Pakistan, because just like Phantom, some of its elements are threatening to the government and influential figures of Pakistan.


4. Haider

The Indian adaptation of Hamlet, Haider, is one of the most artistic movies of Bollywood. It has not only presented Hamlet in a unique way but woven the issue of Kashmir in the story pretty well. But do you know that Haider was also banned in Pakistan? Due to its depiction of Kashmir insurgency, it Pakistan banned the movie, as the topic is quite sensitive.


5. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a wonderful movie about sports and patriotism. It has various scenes related to 1947 Indo-Pak separation and the final match of Milkha Singh against the Pakistani racer, Abdul Khaliq. The movie is a raw portrayal of the mixed feelings an Indian had post 1947 independence towards Pakistan. Inevitably, Pakistan banned the movie.


6. Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger is a love story between a RAW agent and an ISI agent. Pakistan bans any movie which has even a slight mention of an Intelligence agency. We don’t think the movie was anti-Pakistani in any way. But since Katrina Kaif is playing the role of an ISI agent in the movie, Pakistan must not have want a portrayal of their Intelligence agency in a Bollywood movie.


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