Bollywood Celebs and Their Alternate Careers

If they were not Bollywood celebs, then what else?

We don’t think our Bollywood celebs are static.They definitely have skills beyond acting. In fact, we believe that out beloved stars are very talented. They have proved it time and again that they are more than just a pretty face. Some of their talents remain hidden, while others are exposed to a wide audience through various means. It was in their destiny to join Bollywood and entertain millions of people, but what if they were not actors? Here is a list of the alternate careers that these following celebs should have chosen if they couldn’t make it into Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan – Cricketer

Shahrukh Khan has always been a leading player during his school time. He was not only an excellent student, but he was a great sportsman as well. He was the leader of a team in his school, and he was always interested in cricket. Though he joined the line of acting and became the most successful star of his time, but his love for cricket never ended. He bought an IPL Team called Kolkata Knight Riders which ended up winning IP twice, once in 2012 and other in 2014. We think that Shahrukh Khan was perfect to be a cricketer.

Shahrukh khan

Sonam Kapoor – Designer

Sonam Kapoor is the Fashion Diva of Bolllywood. She likes to show off her dresses and gives us lots of inspiration. Earlier, actresses used to stick with the safe dresses, but Sonam Kapoor has brought the bold and beautiful look in the B-town. Her experimental nature makes her stand out from her contemporaries. She has such keen eye regarding fashion that if she was not an actor, she would have definitely been a designer. Considering how quirky her fashion style is, she would have been the amongst the most successful designers, indeed.

Sonam Kapoor

John Abraham – Gym Instructor

Who doesn’t like John Abraham’s muscular body? It oozes sexiness and appeal, and suits John Abraham quite well. His body has given motivation to many guys to pursue a healthier lifestyle. If John Abraham wasn’t busy picking up cars and bikes on the silver screen, we definitely think that he would have been a gym instructor. Just imagine how many people would have made way towards his gym. Plenty! In fact, John Abraham own a gym. Too bad that he is not a gym instructor there.


Hrithik Roshan – Dance Teacher

Who wouldn’t like to be a part of that academy where the dance teacher looks like Hrithik Roshan. With his flexible body, charming smile and eccentric moves, we are sure that Hrithik Roshan would have created one of the best dancers of the country. The career of a dance teacher would have been apt for Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan

Parineeti Chopra – Stand-up comedian

Parineeti Chopra is one of the funniest actresses in Bollywood. It would have been great to see doing stand-up comedy in a cool cafe and earning bucks, just in case her career in Bollywood would have never launched. We like the humorous and funny avatar of this tinsel town’s actress.

parineeti chopra


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