Bollywood Celebrities who died young

Bollywood Celebrities who died young

Let us dedicate this small piece of write-up commemorating those vary Bollywood celebrities who died early. Their exemplary contribution to Indian film industry remains a milestone and source of inspiration to amateur and budding cinema artists.

1. Guru Dutt

guru dutt

Guru Dutt, an all-time favorite multitalented actor, producer and director, has delivered outstanding work to Indian film industry. Guru Dutt allegedly was found dead of committing suicide in his rented apartment in Mumbai in 1964 when he was just 39 years old.

2. Geeta Bali


Geeta Bali, a beautiful actress also known for her mesmerizing singing, married Shammi Kapoor. Soon after their marriage, she succumbed to small pox in 1965 at just 35 year of age, thus, Bollywood lost another young star.

3. Meena Kumari


Meena Kumar, a brilliant actress, died in 1972 at an early age of 39 years.virtual reality glasses Also known as ‘Tragedy Queen’, she started consuming alcohol after her separation from husband Kamal Amrohi. The excessive consumption of alcohol damaged her liver cirrhosis and caused her death.

4. Madhubala


Madhubala, was born with a hole in her heart, which she kept hidden from the film industry. Her million-dollar smile and vintage beauty make her a legendary Bollywood actress. Madhubala’s secret was revealed when she vomited blood on the set of ‘Madras’, which later caused her early demise in 1965 at a raw age of 36 years.

5. Sanjeev Kumar

sanjeev kumar

Sanjeev Kumar, the most prolific actor of Bollywood, died of a severe heart attack at an early age of 47 in 1985. Popularly known as Thakur of Sholay, Sanjeev Kumar played versatile roles in hit Bollywood movies, and won million hearts with his extraordinary acting skills.

6. Smita Patil


Smita Patil was one of the most loved and applauded Bollywood actesses and a National award winner. She fell in love with Raj Babbar and married him later. In 1986 at an early age of 31, Smita Patil reportedly died of childbirth complications.

7. Divya Bharti


Very beautiful and talented actress, Divya Bharti, died of falling from fifth floor of her Versova apartment in 1993 at an early age of 19 years. She married Sajid Nadiadwala at an early age, and said to have complications in her relationship with Sajid.

8. Jiah Khan


Jiah Khan was found dead at her apartment in Juhu in 2013 at an early age of just 25 years. Soon after Jiah Khan’s death, her boy friend, Sooraj Panscholi, was arrested on abetment to suicide charges. She is remembered for her sensuous beauty and sincere performance in the movie, Nishbabd.

9. Taruni Sachdev


The legendry Rasna girl, Taruni Sachdev died in a plane crash in Nepal in 2012 when she was just 14 years old. Taruni got the fame when she worked in Rasna advertisement. She aspired of becoming an actress and made her early debut in Bollywood movies.

10. Aarthi Agarwal


Aarthi Agarwal made her Bollywood debut with Bollywood film, Pagalpan, at an early age of 16 years. She was diagnosed of obesity and pulmonary cardiac disorder. Aarthi succumbed to heart failure in a US hospital.

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