Bollywood Celebrities and Their Underworld Connection

Bollywood and its relation with The Underworld

Only one side of Bollywood is presented in front of us by the actors, their movies and media outlets. Money and fame is alluring to each one of us, but the glamorous world of Bollywood is ridden with deep dark secrets. Many actors have been associated with underworld. The murder of T-series founder, Gulshan Kumar, is linked with underworld. But that’s not all. By hosting shows in Dubai, contributing money in films’ production and bonding with Bollywood actors, underworld has spread its roots not only in Bollywood, but in the entire world as well.

Here we are presenting the list of Bollywood actors who were connected with underworld.

1. MONICA BEDImonica

One of the most controversial celebrities, Monica Bedi, has openly confessed about her connection with Abu Salem. She came in contact with Abu Salem during a show in Dubai. They lived together for some time, but they were convicted soon. They were jailed in Portugal, and then what followed next was a series of hopping from one jail to another with Abu by her side. She is finally free from the grasps of the underworld. By appearing in Bigg Boss, she could finally bring her life back on track. She still claims that Abu Salem’s love was true, but she’s glad that they both have moved on in their life.

2. SONAsona_082313042119

Haji Mastan, aka Sultan Mirza, has become a well-known character due to Ajay Devgn’s portrayal in Once upon a Time in Mumbai. He was Mumbai’s first celebrity gangster. Haji was a big fan of Madhubala, but he could never meet her. He married Sona because of her uncanny resemblance to his celebrity crush. She was B-grade film heroine. Apparently, Kangana Ranaut played the role of ‘Sona’ in the movie.

3. MANDAKINI4058_0_0-dawood-ibrahim-and-mandakini-1449645807

Mandakini came into limelight with the movie, Ram Teri Ganga Maili. Her photographs with Dawood Ibrahim raised eyebrows, and it was suspected that she was having an affair with Dawood. Even though she vehemently denied having any personal connection with Dawood except friendly, it was rumoured that she shifted to Dubai to live with him as his mistress. Since Dawood Ibrahim was much dreaded in Bollywood, It’s alleged that he pressurised directors and actors to cast Mandakini in their movies.



An audio tape of Sanjay Dutt and Chhota Shakeel got leaked. But that’s not all. Smuggled arms were recovered from his house following the 1993 Bombay blasts which caused a huge loss of life and property. That was when Bollywood connection with Underworld was exposed. It’s suspected that Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem were in contact with Sanjay Dutt during that time, and it caused his involvement in the bomb blasts.



A struggling Bollywood actress, Anita Ayub, came from Pakistan. She had an affair with Dawood Ibrahim. Even a story circulated that when a producer refused to cast Anita Ayub in his movie, Dawood got him murdered. But even after having such a strong back, she couldn’t establish herself as an actor.



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