Bollywood Celebrities Who Suffered from Depression

Bollywood celebrities who battled with mental illnesses

Bollywood is enticing due to the fame, money and power it offers. We see it as perfect world. But we are quite ignorant towards the sufferings of a Bollywood celebrity. Despite countless fans, constant spotlight and numerous friendly connections, many Bollywood celebrities have faced depression. We worship these celebrities, but we forget that they are also ordinary people who can go through emotional turmoil just like us.

Many Bollywood actors are coming forward and making confessions regarding their depression. It is creating more awareness among people regarding mental illnesses.


Karan Johar has recently opened up about his depression and feeling directionless. He told in an interview that he didn’t feel happy and couldn’t sleep well. He was scared of being lonely for the rest of his life, and even his friends couldn’t fill that emptiness. At the age of 44, there’s always a nagging fear that you might never have a life partner or kids. He has recovered now, but he stated that depression can happen to anybody.



Deepika Padukone went through depression in the early 2014. She was shooting for Happy New Year during that time. She stated that she felt empty. There were mornings when she didn’t want to step out of her house and work. She started taking medicines and therapies while spending quality time with her family. It helped her to get better. She is a stronger person now who values her life. She has founded Live Love Laugh foundation which deals with depression-related issues.



Honey Singh suffered from Bipolar Depression. The mental condition was made worse due to his alcoholism. The medication didn’t prove to be of much help. Honey Singh performs in front of thousands of people, but during his illness, he was scared of facing even four or five people. He stopped going out of his house, didn’t get a haircut for months and cut off many people he knew. He claims that it’s only due to his mother that he could successfully step out of that dark phase. Now, he is getting back on the track by working in Punjabi movies and making songs.



Manish Koirala was an established actress in Bollywood. After her divorce with Samrat Dahlal, she battled with clinical depression. She is also a cancer survivor. During the turbulent times, none of her Bollywood friends paid her a visit or even tried to contact her through phone. It broke her heart further, but she is recovering now. She volunteered in relief work during Nepal Earthquake in the year 2015.



Shahrukh Khan is the King of Bollywood. He has got everything—an ardent fan following, a loving family and a wide circle of friends. But even he couldn’t save himself from depression. In an interview, Shahrukh Khan revealed that he suffered from depression during his surgery in the year 2008. But he recovered quickly and gained his energy back.



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