Bollywood Celebrities Who Died Mysteriously

Bollywood celebrities and their tragic deaths

The glimmering world of Bollywood has seen both the good and the bad times. Many models and Bollywood actors have died at a young age, and it makes us question how safe and secure Bollywood really is. Despite all the luxuries and glory, these actors lost their life due to one reason or the other. Some of these death cases never received a proper closure and became mysteries.


Jiah Khan starred opposite Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Nishabdh. She could never establish herself as a successful actor in Bollywood. The news of her suicide shook the entire industry. She was found hanging in her room. Though her mother, Rabia, is still claiming that it was a murder as the marks on her neck and face hinted that it could not be suicide. Jiah Khan was having complications with her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi.  He is accused of abusing Jiah Khan, and causing forceful abortion.



Divya Bharti was a rising star. Her success was inevitable. Deewana was among her most successful movies. She won the hearts of the viewers with her innocent smile and amazing acting skills. Divya tied the knot with Sajid Nadiawala at the tender age of 18. The entire nation got shocked when news erupted that Divya Bharti had died. The death was labelled ‘accidental’ as it was reported that she fell out of her balcony under the heavy influence of alcohol. Though several people believe that Sajid Nadiawala had a connection with underworld, and Divya Bharti got to know about some inside information. So, her husband murdered her. Her death is still a mystery, and she is missed by her fans.



Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, aka, Silk Smitha was famous in South, but she became a known face in Bollywood after Vidya Balan’s portrayal of her in the movie, The Dirty Picture. She had worked in over 450 films and was trying to establish herself in the line of film production. It’s said that she committed suicide due to financial pressure and love-related issues which caused depression. The real reason of her suicide is still unknown, and not much information could be found regarding her failed relationships.



Kunal Singh was not a well-known face in Bollywood, but his Tamil movie, Kadhalar Dhinam, was a huge commercial success. He even worked in its Bollywood remake, Dil hi Dil mein. He was found hanging in his room in the year 2008. His father, Rajendra Singh, claimed that it was a murder, but Police couldn’t find any strong evidence to prove his father’s claims. It was reported that no person was present in his room at the time of death. Moreover, he had attempted suicide earlier by cutting his wrists. So, the final judgement leaned towards suicide.



Manmohan Desai was a famous director, known for producing blockbusters like Amar Akbar Anthony, Parvarish and Coolie. His death created mayhem in the industry when his body was recovered from Mumbai’s Grant Road. He fell from his building and died. Many reasons were speculated about his death. Some said that he committed suicide because his recent movies couldn’t become successful on box office while others said that he fell due to his chronic back pain. Even after all this time, his death remains a mystery.


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