Bollywood Actors Who Do Not Appear in Movies Anymore

We don’t see them often now.

While many actors dream of working in Bollywood movies till the end of their life, there are other actors who have stopped appearing in the movies. There are many reasons for their departure from the tinsel town. We miss seeing a few of them on the silver screen. Some actors choose to prioritize different aspects of their life by not giving as much attention to Bollywood. While some of them clearly lacked the talent to be a film star, others have the potential but the lack of opportunity was a big hurdle. Here is the latest Bollywood gossip. These are the Bollywood actors who do not appear in movies anymore.

Esha Deol

Esha Deol couldn’t really do any substantial role in Bollywood movies. As a star kid, she clearly had the opportunity to showcase her skills in different movies, as she was a part of latest Bollywood gossip of that time. But none of those movies were useful for her career. Her biggest gig was in the movie, Dhoom. But Esha Deol’s career was going downwards, and there was no way to rectify it. She decided to get married and settle down. And we think that it was a great idea. She is away from Bollywood since a long time now and is living a happy married life.


Fardeen Khan

Another star kid, Fardeen Khan, also got a lot of opportunities to establish himself as a reliable actor. But he failed to do so. Beside an attractive face, he didn’t have anything going in his favour. It ultimately disrupted his career.

fardeen khan

Zayed Khan

Zayed Khan, a famous star kid, got the opportunity to work in the infamous Shahrukh Khan’s movie, Main Hoon Na. But no matter how many opportunities he received, he couldn’t act. He doesn’t appear in movies anymore, and is away from the limelight since a long period of time. We think that his decision was correct.


Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit’s last appearance on the silver screen was in the movie, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. But we wish that we could see more of her in the Bollywood movies. She clearly has the talent to give all the young actresses a run for their money. We don’t know when Bollywood would start prioritizing aged actresses. But we would certainly like to see Madhuri Dixit in some mature roles.


Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta tried to make a comeback through her movie, Ishq in Paris, but the venture was unprofitable. Unfortunately, Bollywood is not producing the kind of film in which a 40+ actress can work. Preity Zinta has gotten married and is enjoying her life now. But we wish that a Bollywood director would recognize what the Bollywood is missing on. She makes some headlines, as the latest Bollywood gossip emerges regarding her cricket team.


Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar has given us some outstanding movies. There is not a single doubt regarding how amazing of an actress she is. But due to the lack of scripts in Bollywood, such mature talents go wasted. While the old actors prefer to be coupled with ladies who are half of their age, old actresses do not get the same kind of treatment and options. She is not a part of any latest Bollywood gossip.


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