Bollywood Actors Who Are NOT on Any Social Media Network

Bollywood Actors Who Are NOT on Any Social Media Network

Bollywood’s obsession with Social Media is vastly known. With Katrina Kaif as the latest news in Bollywood for being the new addition in the Social Media gang of Bollywood, it seems like many Bollywood actors are coming forward and embracing this medium to keep their fans updated. Not only has Social Media given a keen insight to the fans into the life of their favourite actors, but it also helps the Bollywood stars to stay in touch with their fans. But there are still some Bollywood actors who are reluctant to be a part of any Social Media Network. Here are those shy celebs.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor has still not broken his vow of remaining away from the Social Media. Despite knowing that Social Media can be a great tool to promote the movies and be the latest news in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor still chooses to be away from the internet. Why is that so?Considering how introvert and shy Ranbir Kapoor is, we doubt that he’d like to make his life public in any way. Moreover, he considers social media quite ‘troublesome’. It is yet to see if Ranbir Kapoor would be a part of any Social Media site in the near future, but for now, he is happy with them.

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Imran Khan

Just like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan has avoided Social Media since a long time. Living a happy private life with a wife and a kid, Imran Khan hardly reveals much about his life in Social Media. He doesn’t like the constant intrusion in his life that many users on Social Media tends to do. On one hand, he is really thankful of all his fans to give him immense support, but on the other hand, he would like to keep a few things private in his life.

Kareena Kapoor

While Kareena Kapoor is the gossip queen of Bollywood, she stays away from Social media. Wonder why? Kareena Kapoor has never been much outspoken about the things going on in her personal life, and maybe that’s the reason that she chooses to stay away from these interactive websites.

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Aishwarya Rai

While all of us would love to haveAishwarya Rai on our Social Media sites, she doesn’t seem keen to have her account on them. Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are quite active on Social Media websites. Amitabh Bachchan has the highest number of Followers on Twitter and is always on the front page of the latest news in Bollywood. But Aishwarya Rai doesn’t seem much keen to have this kind of exposure in her life. We hope that someday, Aishwarya Rai would embrace her interactive side and be a part of this Social Media Fandom. Till then, we can only get glimpses of her life through her family’s account.

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KanganaRanaut has always been in controversies due to her sharp tongue. But Alas! She is not using her wit and words on any social media website. It would have been quite amusing to see her using one of these sites. We are sure that she’d have made headlines as the latest news in Bollywood every single day.

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