Bollywood Actors Who Misbehaved with Their Fans

When Bollywood actors got aggressive with their fans.

Actors are known to adore their fans and owe their success to them. It’s only because of the fans that actors are at such a high position. Bollywood actors are seen as epitome of perfection due to the ideal roles they play in their movies. But there have been some incidents when the actors crossed the line and misbehaved with their fans. Though, there are some fans that provoked these reactions from the actors due to their intolerable attitude. Bollywoodsite presents you a list of actors who misbehaved with their fans.


Anil Kapoor made a statement in an interview that “celebrity kids have to struggle more.” This statement didn’t go down well with a Twitter user. He posted on twitter, stating that “it’s because celebrity kids have no talent.” It caused Sonam Kapoor to fume with anger and cross the boundary of decent discussion by using a cuss word liberally. She replied the user with “F*ck off!”



Rishi Kapoor is making headlines in the news these days because of his bluntness. In an industry where media is continuously hunting for the next hot news, Rishi Kapoor has been providing a lot of fodder. In an Iftaar Party, Rishi Kapoor was followed by a 60-year-old fan to the washroom, causing him to explode out of anger. Rishi Kapoor showered his fan with cuss words. Such a reaction was unnecessary, but then again, actors are entitled to their own privacy.



Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan, is always in the news for one thing or other. He is media’s favorite controversial actor, as his relationships, court cases and movies make headlines almost every day. But more than his generous heart, Salman Khan is known for his temper. Salman Khan slapped his fan for hugging and kissing him. Moreover, he became aggressive towards a fan who took his unbidden photographs. Salman Khan has certainly shown that he doesn’t shy away from building a negative image, as he would keep handling his fans in his own way if they’d cross the boundaries.



Genelia D’souza is an odd name in the list. We have always seen her smiling and laughing for the photographs. She is an extremely sweet and loving person, but if the situation demands, she knows how to handle people. During the inauguration of a showroom at Vijayawada, a fan tried to misbehave with Genelia. It caused her to slap that person.



Akshay Kumar is a trained martial artist. No wonder people should think twice before provoking him. Though Akshay Kumar loves his fans, but if a fan crosses the line, Khiladi Kumar has to handle things in his own way. A fan tried to approach him on the sets despite his bodyguards’ efforts to stop him. It caused Akshay Kumar to lose his temper, and he slapped his fan.


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