Binge-watch These Non-Romantic Movies of Shahrukh Khan This Weekend!

SRK is an all-rounder.

Shahrukh Khan is rightly known as the ‘king of romance’. No other actor is as expressive when it comes to romance as Shahrukh Khan is. The way he looks at his heroine is enough to sweep us off our feet. Some of the most memorable romantic movies that Bollywood has ever witnessed are done by Shahrukh Khan. But Shahrukh Khan can pull off any role. He has done many movies outside the romance zone, and they have garnered a lot of appreciation. Some of these movies have romance as sub-plot, but SRK still manages to break free from the persona of the stereotypical romance hero that he is known for. Here is one of the top Bollywood news.This is a list of SRK’s non-romantic movies to binge-watch this weekend!

1. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

While the plot revolved around how an ordinary guy, Sunil, tries to woo his childhood friend, the movie runs much deeper than that. Shahrukh Khan wore the character of Sunil like skin and hooked us in. Much before Shahrukh Khan was stereotyped due to his romance movies, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa showed the great potential of SRK as he made it to the top Bollywood news after this movie so early in his career.

shahrukh khan

2. Baadshah

Badhshah is so silly that it’s entertaining. We see Shahrukh Khan in the role of a struggling detective in this movie. His gig would surely leave you in splits. It was due to the title song of this movie that Shahrukh Khan became the top Bollywood news as the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood. It is one of the funniest movies of his career.


3. Duplicate

Shahrukh plays two characters in the movie. One is evil while the other is good. But it’s Shahrukh Khan’s acting which makes the movie entertaining to watch.


4. Swades

Touted as one of the best movies of the Bollywood industry, Swades narrates the story of an Indian NASA scientist who comes to his village and connects back to his roots. Emotional and honest, Swades is the perfect movie to awake your dormant feelings towards the development of India. Shahrukh Khan’s acting was really stable and mature in the movie. Unlike his romantic persona which appears larger-than-life, Swades managed to make SRK like one of us.


5. Chak De! India

Another movie which showcase the vast potential of SRK: the actor, is Chak De! India. Shahrukh Khan is playing the role of coach. While the movie is empowering to women, Shahrukh Khan does a great job in letting the girls take the screen space while still maintain his subtle charm on the silver screen. That’s the quality of a good actor!

chak de india-movie-poster

6. Fan

While Fan was the victim of an over-the-top second half, the movie established Shahrukh Khan back as an actor among top Bollywood news. SRK played two vastly different characters with ease, and he deserves special praise for playing the 20-something obsessive fan.

Fan movie poster

7. Dear Zindagi

2016 ended on a good note for Shahrukh Khan, as he was seen playing the role of Dr. Jahangir in the movie, Dear Zindagi. SRK was the supporting actor in the movie, but he kept the audience hooked through his anecdotes and inspirational one-liners. It was refreshing to see SRK romancing no one on the silver screen. The movie remained among top Bollywood news due to the presence of SRK in it.

dear zindagi movie poster shahrukh khan and alia bhatt

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