Binge-watch These Irrfan Khan’s movies This Weekend

It’s often said that if there is one Khan in the Bollywood industry who has not got any hater, it’s Irrfan Khan. Known for his method acting, realistic expressions and controlled emotions on the silver screen, Irrfan Khan does justice to every role he plays. He can be considered an underrated star, as most of the directors and producers are still busy in asking for dates from some A-listers. It’s high time that we start praising talented actors like him who might not do the typical Bollywood masala movies, but takes the Indian cinema to the next level through their subtle acting. Here is the Bollywood top news. Take a look at list of a few Irrfan Khan’s movies that you should binge-watch this weekend.

Paan Singh Tomar

Irrfan Khan earned a National Award for Best Actor for his role in Paan Singh Tomar and made it to Bollywood top news. The movie hooks you to the life of a former athlete turned bandit. Watch this movie for Irrfan Khan’s sheer talent and the movie’s perfect storytelling.

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The Lunchbox

The subtle emotions of Irrfan Khan will tug at your heartstrings. Simple and beautiful, The Lunchbox has the perfect recipe. It never tries too hard to impress anyone, and the story is ordinary enough to be relatable and captivate our emotions.

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Life of Pi

One of the best Hollywood movies, Life of Pi, has Irrfan Khan playing a significant role in it. He doesn’t try to fit in or to act in a particular way in order to be accepted by the international audience. He is being his casual self and that’s what makes Irrfan Khan amazing. Since then, he rose to fame not only in Hollywood news channels, but in Bollywood top news as well.

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Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaption of Macbeth, Maqbool has Irrfan Khan in the leading role. This crime drama has changed the flavour of Macbeth and has totally indianized it. But the person who has earned critical acclaim for taking the movie to a higher level is Irrfan Khan.



Talvar is a gritty crime-thriller which remained the Bollywood top news at the time of its release. We can’t help but love Irrfan Khan as a CBI officer in the movie. His little bodily movements made his role extremely realistic. His conviction made us rethink. Despite the fact that the court has already stated its verdict, the movie was impactful enough to make us question everything.



Irrfan Khan played a supporting role in Piku but he made his presence known. All the scenes that had Irrfan Khan were fun to watch. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get much acknowledgement for his role, as the limelight was hogged by Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.



Madaari is a social-thriller which deals with the topic of corruption. The movie is weaved around Irrfan Khan who is a kidnapper in the movie. The storyline might not appeal you as much, but watch it for Irrfan Khan’s unabashed acting.



In this movie, Irrfan Khan is seen playing the role of a Sikh father who has brought up his daughter as a boy. The movie is so twisted that it will keep you at the edge of your seat.



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