Binge-watch These Imtiaz Ali’s Movies This Weekend!

His each movie is a piece of art.

Amidst the Bollywood directors who do not dare to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance, there is Imtiaz Ali who loves experimenting with each movie that he directs. That’s why he has touched the nerve of every young Indian with his movies, characters and cinematography. If you are a lover of cinema with certain depth; if you’d like to watch a movie that might not be a mass entertainer, but get you exactly well; then you gotta binge-watch these movies of Imtiaz Ali. We are sure that your weekend is going to be amazing with the following movies.

Socha Na Tha

Socha Na Tha might not be as much of a wild hit as Imtiaz Ali’s other movies, but it still holds a special place. It was the first movie directed by Imtiaz Ali. Starring Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia in the lead, Socha Na Tha is a simple love story with usual ups, downs and confusions that may surround a man.


Jab We Met

The movie that brought incessant laurels to Imtiaz Ali is Jab We Met. It was a blockbuster hit, and people still like to watch this movie because of its perfect comic timing, adorable love story and wonderful chemistry between the leads. Geet’s spunky and optimistic attitude when mixed with Aditya’s serious and mature persona was meant to create sparks. Considered as one of the best Bollywood rom-coms, Jab We Met is the movie that can give you many feels.



Rockstar helped Ranbir Kapoor to establish himself as a Superstar. Passionate, intense and painful, Rockstar is everything that a youngster would like to watch in a movie. The movie narrates the rise of a rockstar and his eventual destruction, as his life is tangled between his own desire to be with someone, and the complexities that come along with love. If you are looking for a good cry, some intense heartbreak and mind-blowing music of A.R. Rahman, you cannot afford to miss this movie!



Highway is a unique movie which captured the remotest valleys of India. If you want to go on a tour but cannot afford one, then you should definitely watch Highway. Imtiaz Ali’s direction would take you to the lush green valleys of Kashmir, the far-away lands of Kinnaur and the farms of Punjab. The movie comes along with a great message, and you’d certainly feel a sense of freedom after watching the movie.



Tamasha failed to do good on the Box Office, as the storyline was not meant to appeal to masses. Ranbir Kapoor nailed the movie with his spunky role in first half and the monotonous character in the second half. Deepika Padukone put her heart and soul in the movie. If you have ever wanted to escape to a world of stories or wanted to know how an artist feels, Tamasha is your movie! Ranbir Kapoor’s character was on the verge of going crazy in the movie, but as an audience, we can all relate to that feeling. Tamasha’s characterization and depth allow you to stay hooked to the movie.

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