Best Villains of Bollywood

We love to hate them.

While we always root for the hero, but some of the Bollywood baddies have become so iconic that they will be remembered in the years to come. They are purely evil, and we can’t help but love to hate them. These villains have added the much-needed thrill and charm in the movies they acted in. Here is what’s latest in Bollywood. Take a look at the best villains of Bollywood.

Gabbar – Amjad Khan

Who can forget Sholay’s epic dialogues? But one of the best dialogues were spoken by the villain, Gabbar. “Kitne aadmi the?” still rings in our ears as soon as someone asks us to deliver a filmy dialogue. It’s only due to Amjad Khan’s honest portrayal of one of the most evil villains of Bollywood that the character has become eternal. Let’s just agree with one fact. If there was no Gabbar in Sholay, it would have been a body without soul. And there is no other actor who could have played this iconic character better than Amjad Khan. No other villain who is latest in Bollywood can ever compete with him.


Mogambo – Amrish Puri

“Mogambo Khush Hua.” This simple line by Amrish Puri still brings shiver down our spine. One of the most hated villains of Bollywood, Mogambo, didn’t spare even a single innocent soul. There is no doubt about the fact that Amrish Puri was one of the rarest gems of Bollywood that we have lost.


Gulfaam Hassan – Naseeruddin Shah

All of us hate terrorists, and when such character pops up in a movie, we are bound to have our blood boiled. That’s why all of us rooted for the death of Gulfaam Hassan in the movie, Sarfarosh. Naseeruddin Shah is a very convincing actor, so he gets consumed by the character. Not for a second did we believe that we are watching an actor. It seemed like he was a real person with flesh and blood who had conspired to bring terrorism in our country. It’s great to have been born in an era in which Naseeruddin Shah works. But his movies which are latest in Bollywood are more positive now.


Sher Khan – Pran

In Zanjeer, Amitabh Bachchan hogged the limelight, but it was Sher Khan who made an impact through his subtly villainous act in the movie. Pran knew how to let evilness reflect in his eyes, as he acted in various movies. He was one of the most popular villain of his time.


Ashutosh Rana – Lajja Shankar Pandey

Ashutosh Rana’s performances bring goosebumps to our body. He is the kind of villain who comes into your dreams and scares you. One of his most iconic performances was in the movie, Sangharsh. As Lajja Shankar Pandey, he kept us on the edge of our seat with our heart beating loudly. There is no other actor who can ever replace Ashutosh Rana’s scary expressions.


Prem Chopra – Prem Chopra

Funny yet villainous, Prem Chopra is one of the coolest villains of his time. Despite his soft voice, he made it into the big bad world of Bollywood villains. Due to old age, he has stopped appearing in movies, but we always have the chance to skip the movies which are latest in Bollywood and rewatch some of the old Bollywood classics and marvel at this performances.


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