Best Bollywood Songs for an Epic Indian Wedding

Spice up your wedding

Indian weddings are full of bling. But all marriages are incomplete without some happening songs that can make everyone dance on the stage. Bollywood has offered a lot of songs for our great Indian Weddings. From sad to happy, Bollywood has got songs for every occasion. Marriages are supposed to initiate a new beginning of life. In India, any celebration begins with loud songs and incessant dancing. That’s why Indian marriages are full of colours, songs and dancing. Here are the best Bollywood songs for an epic Indian wedding.

1. Kala Chashma

The party song for this wedding season is Kala Chashma. Katrina Kaif is looking gorgeous in her contemporary wedding dress, and her dance moves has just taken our breath away. Don’t be surprised if you find a person wearing the same attire as Katrina Kaif along with a Kala Chashma (black glasses) and grooving on its beats at a wedding.

2. Kabira

Kabira is the permanent wedding song which can be played during any wedding ceremony. Harshdeep Kaur’s soothing voice and Arijit Singh’s soulful singing skills add more depth to the song. This song can make anyone cry during the wedding.

3. Nachde Ne Saare

Another song from Baar Baar Dekho, Nachde Ne Saare will make the uncle, aunty, grandad, grandmother and everyone else dance on its beats. It’s a simple song with groovy beats that will put you in the right mood. Once you start dancing on this song, it will be impossible to stop.

4. London Thumakda

This song from queen is impossible to miss at the wedding. The beats, lyrics and overall energy of the song just take the wedding to the next level. And the most enjoyable part comes when you can make a human rail and run on its beats.

5. Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has given us some amazing songs to remember. On the night of Mehandi, this song is apt to tease the bride. A wedding song is meant to provoke giddy and delightful feelings inside you, and this song does its job very well.

6. Balle Balle

Balle Balle from Bride and Prejudice is the song which brings out the mischievous side of the guests. It’s a scene to watch when every guest scuttles around, searching for their partner to dance on this song. The funny lyrics and Punjabi touch add more flavours to the wedding celebration.

7. Saddi Gali

Tanu Weds Manu revolved around marriage. It was inevitable to produce a wedding song. Saddi Galli is an immensely popular dancing number which is so upbeat and loud that you can’t help but bolt on your feet and start dancing.

8. Iski Uski

Iski Uski from 2 States brings out the liveliness of the wedding. It becomes a memorable song if it’s performed by the groom and bride together! A simple song with Punjabi as well as Tamil beats, Iski Uski is the perfect blend of regional music.

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