Baahubali – The Conclusion: First Look Motion Poster

Baahubali is back!

Bollywood has always been in a healthy competition with Tollywood. Despite belonging to the same country, both the film industries produce vastly different movies. Bollywood has always produced high budget movies that have international reach as well. It has started earning over 300 crore rupees and a time may come when Bollywood movies cross 1000 crore rupees as well.

But Tollywood is not far behind. Despite being a regional film industry, it has started matching up with Bollywood. Initially, the craze of South Indian style of movies was brought in Bollywood by superstars like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

On one hand, this step enhanced the reach of Tollywood, but on the other hand, it grossly stereotyped Tollywood. Many people accepted the misconception that Tollywood is all about dramatic dialogues, over-the-top action sequences and bizarre dancing and songs.

Finally, a movie emerged out of Tollywood film industry which changed the way we looked at South Indian movies forever.

Baahubali erupted like a storm and became phenomena. Its VFX effects became the new standard for entire Indian cinema. Baahubali is the first Tollywood movie which is easily at par with Hollywood. Even those who were never interested in South Indian cinema flocked to theatres to buy its tickets.

Baahubali became a household name across entire India as several Indian and foreign reviews, memes and reactions generated on Internet further added to its popularity. And one question became the source of curiosity as well jokes for every Indian: Why did Katappa killed Baahubali?

Finally, the wait is over, and the first look of Baahubali’s second part has been revealed. It’s called Baahubali – The Conclusion. It’s already trending on Youtube India and is attracting a large number of viewers.

The Motion Poster is carrying the strong voice of Daler Mehndi. His voice has added value to the already powerful and thrill-packed poster. In the poster, Prabhas is revealing his six-pack abs (much to the joy of female audience!) and a mammoth chain is slinging around his arm. Dark clouds are hovering over him with gleaming thunderbolts. The poster is immensely chilling with its climax kinda look, and it’s revealing the fact that it’s indeed the end. The poster has created the ambience of finale with its striking appearance. It’s almost like the poster is roaring, “Here is the conclusion!” Take a look at the motion poster.

We just cannot wait for the movie. We are hoping that it’s going to be even better than the first part and will add a new milestone. Moreover, the movie has already proved that Indian movies are as good when it comes to effects as Hollywood movies. In fact, the storyline is gripping. As they left the first movie on a heart-dropping cliff-hanger, we were just waiting for the new movie to appear. The final part is releasing in April 2017. It’s still a long wait of 5 months. We know that you are as desperate as us for watching the movie, but you just gotta hold on to your excitement a little longer.

Kudos to the Baahubali Team!

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