Most Awaited Women-centric Movies in 2017

Most Awaited Women-centric Movies in 2017

Bollywood has turned its attention towards social movies. While masala movies still rake in Moolah, it is the social movies that are getting the immense love of audience. With the success of Pink and Parched, we assure you that more and more directors are willing to take risk and produce women-centric movies. While the issue of Feminism is the top Bollywood news, here are the most awaited women-centric movies of the year 2017.

Begum Jaan

Lined up to be release on April 14, 2017, Begum Jaan narrates the story of a Brothel which is standing on India and Pakistan’s line of Partition. Bold, powerful and challenging, Begum Jaan is unlike any other Bollywood movie we have ever seen. A remake of the Bengali movie, Rajkahini, Begum Jaan can be considered a risky venture. The movie has been the top Bollywood news since the release of its trailer. Vidya Balan is the main lead of the movie, and by the trailer, we can assume that the movie will showcase her acting skills in all their glory. With the opposition again ‘Lipstick under my Burkha’, it is yet to see how well Begum Jaan will be received by the Indian audience. The movie certainly challenges the traditional ideals and morals of the Indian culture.


Sonakshi Sinha is coming back with a female-centric movie called ‘Noor’. Here is a fun fact! The movie is inspired by a novel called ‘Karachi, You are Killing Me!’ which is written by a Pakistani Author known by the name of Saba Imtiaz. Noor can be a linking point between both the countries. The movie deals with the usual drama of a girl called Noor, but eventually, her life takes a thrilling turn. It is Sonakshi Sinha’s first Solo movie, and we have to see how well she’d pull this role off. As the novel gained immense positive reviews, we hope the same for movie.


Sridevi has a knack for choosing the right roles. As she returned back with ‘English Vinglish’, we realized why she ruled Bollywood in the past. That’s because of her expressive face, restrained acting and powerful emotions that she manages to express on screen. Moreover, she is capable of carrying a movie on her shoulders. ‘Mom’ is an upcoming Indian Thriller, and the trailer has received a lot of positive reviews and been the top Bollywood news.


Since the shooting of Padmavati has begun, the movie has been the top Bollywood newsdue to the controversies for one reason or the other. But keeping all the rumours aside, Padmavati seems to be a strong feminist movie. The movie deals with the story of Padmavati, a strong queen and a loyal wife. Deepika Padukone has been chosen for the role of Padmavati, and she is pouring all her heart and soul in the character. With a strong storyline, powerful actors and an amazing director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, we are sure that Padmavati is gonna rock!


The critically acclaimed director of Aligarh, Hansal Mehta, is coming back with a woman-centric movie. Who could be a better choice for the movie than Kangana Ranaut! Even though she has faced some failures in the past, we are sure that she’d bounce back with this Bollywood drama.



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