Arbaaz in Love “Yellow” Fever?

Something was cooking on the exotic beaches of Goa between soon-to-be-divorced Arbaaz Khan and a young damsel “Yellow Mehra”.(Yes that’s the name). While the fans were still nursing their heart after hearing the breakup news of Malaika and Arbaaz, it seems Arbaaz has decided to crush all the hopes of the couple reuniting. is Arbaaz playing “yellow dirty fellow” tricks on his fans huh?

With no sign of Malaika returning to his life, it seems that he has finally decided to move forward with a Munich-born and Goa raised model cum restaurateur. Recently he has posted a photo on his instagram account holidaying with the mysterious and lovely Yellow Mehra. Yellow Mehra was not far behind in the race of PDA and she too posted a photo of the two of them. The chemistry between the two of them was very evident.

So is Mr Khan trying the lets-make-Malaika -jealous move or is it time for his fans to Yellow their favourite? Only time will tell… Till then keep reading new stories at

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