Alia Bhatt and mother Soni Razdan receive death threats.

In a strange turn of events, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt apparently has received death threats over a phone call.

According to reports, the phone call was first made on 26th February. The man making the call demanded Mahesh Bhatt to deposit money in a Lucknow based bank branch. The caller even shared his bank account details with Mahesh Bhatt.

According to reports, when Bhatt first received the call he chose to ignore it until when he received whatsapp messages from the person who claimed to be the gang leader.

As per the reports, the message read ‘if you fail to do so, I will fire several rounds of bullets in your daughter Alia and wife Soni.


Even after this message, several other texts were sent to him.

After choosing to ignore it at first, Mahesh Bhatt finally filed an FIR at Juhu Police station.

The caller demanded a sum of Rs,50 lakhs and not only this, he also threatened to kill the entire family if the demands were not met.

This is not the first time Mahesh Bhatt has received such a call. He had received a similar call in November 2014 but the police had managed to get hold of the culprits then.

As glamorous and fun the lives of these stars looks like, it has a very dark side to it.

But as per the latest update, the accused has been arrested and is in custody now. According to the police, the accused was tracked through his phone number.

Hope all is well in the Bhatt family.

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