This Actor is Jealous of the Growing Closeness Between His BFF and Ex!

Is he jealous?

Here is the latest Bollywood gossip. This actor is one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood right now. Despite a few duds, he has a loyal fanbase which continue to shower him with love and affection. He is single now, and is among the most wanted Bachelors. But it seems like the actor wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Even though he has broken up with his ex some time ago, he is still intervening in her group of friends, simply because it involves his best friend, too!

The actor and his best friend are the best buddies of Bollywood. They attend parties together and play sports together. Sweet, isn’t it? But it seems like there is some trouble brewing between these two, thanks to the ex of the actor!

The BFF is ditching the actor to spend more time with the ex. Since both the BFF and the ex are close friends, so it’s natural for them to want to hangout together. Despite the rumours of their linkups, they strictly claim that they are just friends. But their growing proximity is not digestible by the actor. It’s making waves in the media, as the latest Bollywood gossip.

The fact that his BFF is being choosing the ex over him is making the actor upset. He wants them to stay as close-knitted as they were before, but it seems like the BFF is changing his priorities. Or, it could be that he is simply being a good friend to both of them. That’s a spicy latest Bollywood gossip.

Maybe the actor should stop being so insecure about his BFF and let him hangout with his ex. Otherwise, there are chances that the actor is simply jealous of growing closeness between the two and wants them to maintain as much distance from each other as possible.

Only time will tell the main motive behind the actor’s despondency, but till then, we will keep eyes on his next move. Can you guess who the actor is?

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