8 Best Bollywood Action Movies

8 Best Bollywood Action Movies

Just like the popularity of Bollywood romance and tragic movies, there is a certain group of people who are die-hard fans of actions on the silver screen. Unparalleled actions add more spirit to the whole drama of an action movie. Whether the heroes showing their super power and inner strength to fight the villains or they are making the best of their intelligence, each and every act is enthralling in some of the finest action movies of Bollywood. Here is the list:

  1. Sholay

One of the legendary movies in which a dacoit killed the family members of a police officer and left him without arms, the officer finally took revenge with the help of two criminals who had been prosecuted by the court. The fighting scenes of the movies are worth watching.

  1. Dhoom:

One of the wittiest action movies, “Dhoom” focuses on the smart techniques that a thief and his gang who used to plan and execute robberies at different places but ultimately caught red-handed by the police.

  1. Shootout at Lokhandwala

A gang of anti-socials and their difficult life, their desire for more money and the darkness of underworld are the primary themes showed in the movie. The gangsters were later encountered by a strong police force.

  1. Satya

One of the saddest romantic yet full of action, this movie is based on the cruel realities of life and how a good person is forced to join the gangsters and ultimately lost his life is nicely shown in the movie.

  1. Singham

Singham is a story of an honest police officer who got transferred because of his courage and bravery that he showed towards ending the corruption within the town. It depicted how the gangsters can bribe the senior officers and thereby can take control of the whole system just to accomplish their wrong actions.

  1. Wanted

This movie is about a gangster who kills people for money. As the story proceeds, the man falls in love with a girl who demands him to change for the betterment of their life.

  1. Don

The movie starring Amitabh Bachchanis packed with tremendous action. There is a double role done by the legendary actor, and the movie is full of twists and turns and a new surprise at every interval.

  1. Race

It is the role of destiny that made the two brothers within the movie, theenemy of each other and thus they got involved in the game of love and war.

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