5 Worst Movie Choices by Actors

 5 Worst Movie Choices by Actors

Bollywood is the place where small films have got recognition and at times the big budget films only faced criticism due to lack of proper plot and direction. There are good actors those who have also made some wrong movie choices in their career. But that doesn’t make the film making any less. Every single fault has made the actors fight more to prove their stand in this industry. The five worst movie choices that the actors have made for which they might repent are:

  1. Rangoon:

Kangana Ranaut, the finest actress of the film industry already tops the list for acting in various excellent movies that have shown her real acting skills on the big screen. Her movies like “Queen” and “Gangster” have been appreciated by critiques. But on the other hand her choice for the movie “Rangoon” is one of the mistakes in her career as per her fans. The love triangle shown in the movie has no sense with a weird ending.


  1. Begum Jaan:

Begum Jaan is definitely one such worst movie with no sensible plot. Accepting the film is indeed one of the wrong decisions made by the talented actress Vidya Balan who has already set a high expectation for her fans and audience. Though the first half is bearable, the second half of the movie is absolutely a time waste part.

  1. Aisha:

We have always seen Abhey Deol to make good decisions when it is about choosing the films. His film “Soch Na Tha” was a blockbuster where his role was simple yet significant. But when he made the choice for the film “Aisha”, the audiences were shocked and they never expected that he will choose a film where his role will be shadowed. It was definitely a wrong choice.

  1. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo:

As far as Salman Khan movies are concerned, all his fans and followers love to see his films and enjoy most of his movies to the core. But for his choice of Prem “Ratan Dhan Payo”, people are a bit confused about the fact that made him choose such a poor film with no story.

  1. Singh Is Bling:

Now this is a real harm for a multi-talented actor like Akshay Kumar. There is no such story at all and the comedy part is not so witty. This is indeed the wrong choice for him to act in such a movie.

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