Bollywood Gossip- 5 reasons why we can’t wait to watch Rangoon

Ever since the cast of Rangoon was finalized and the shooting started, Rangoon has been a hot topic for all kinds of Bollywood gossip. There are not one but many reasons why this movie is eagerly awaited by all. Let’s have a look at why this movie is a must watch-

The Cast

The cast of Rangoon has been a topic of Bollywood gossip for a while now. Considering the history between Shahid Kapoor and  Kareena Kapoor, the audience can’t wait to see Saif and Shahid share the big screen. Not only that but all three of them, Shahid, Saif and Kanagana are superb actors and to see them together on the big screen is going to be a delight for the audience.

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The Backdrop

Making a period film is not easy and especially not in a county like ours where there is protest regarding some movie or the other every now and then. One has to be really careful to maintain the authenticity in the movie and by the looks of the trailer and some Bollywood gossip, looks like Vishal Bharadwaj has managed to do so very well. The backdrop of the World War 2 makes this movie look so interesting that we literally can’t wait to catch the first day first show.

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Kangana Ranaut as Julia

As the Bollywood gossip has it, Kangana’s character seems to be inspired by Nadia, an actress, and a stunt woman who was India’s first female lead and Noor Inayat Khan, who was a spy working for the allied forces during the World War 2. From the looks of the trailer it looks like we are in for some award winning performance by Kangana yet again.


The War Scenes

The moment you sit to watch the trailer of Rangoon, you witness a lot of fantastically shot war scenes. All this is just making our excitement for the film grow further.

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The love Triangle

If you have watched the trailer, you would have witnessed the sensual scenes between Shahid and Kangana which was too hot to handle especially when the two got dirty in the mud. But as per Bollywood gossip, there is an apparent love triangle between the three of them and we just cannot hold our excitement about it.

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