5 Hilarious Lines by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna’s other side.

Mrs. Funnybones knows how to keep us hooked with her witty statements and hilarious lines. She doesn’t think twice before revealing some personal details, roasting her husband, Akshay Kumar, and making fun of herself.

She is a full package with good looks, witty mouth and hilarious brains. That’s why media loves Twinkle Khanna. Who doesn’t like a good dose of laughter? During various interviews, Twinkle Khanna has made some hilarious statements which left us in splits. Here are the best quotes from Twinkle Khanna.

1.During the launch of her book, Mrs. Funnybones, Karan Johar was interviewing her. She was straightforward and funny. During the launch, she even made fun of Aamir Khan. She said, “During a film, Aamir had gone up to a director and told him about his thoughts about a shot, but the director didn’t listen to him. So he went behind a rock and I saw him crying.”


2. In the same interview, she was asked to reveal a personal fact about Akshay Kumar. She told the media, “When Akshay gets drunk, he sings songs like Mainu Dila Di Visa Dubai Da. She revealed more facts about him like he cries during movies like Aamir and wears checkered Pyjamas.”


3. It’s hard to find someone who is hilarious regarding her own flaws and imperfections, and yet embrace them fully. As she tweeted, “Woke up,weighed myself,cursed Earth’s ruthless gravitational force,contemplated living on the moon or going to the gym, ate pancakes instead.”


4. But she is not only funny but really intelligent, too. One dialogue from Mrs. Funny Bones prove it all. It stated: “I wish we lived like children. Run till you are out of breath, flop on the grass, stare at clouds, jump up again, chase a squirrel around every tree in the park, walk on your hands because the world looks different upside down, climb little hills and roll down the other side, do somersaults, just because you can. What do we do instead? We surround ourselves with all these big and small blinking screens, while our bodies and minds slowly forget how to tumble, how to wonder, how to live.”


5. Unlike other actors, she also accepts how she may not be the part of prime actors, but what she has got to say is still relevant. In an interview, she said, “When I started writing, Sarita (Tanwar, editor of DNA),had actually asked me to write a column and told this to Aamir and he said, “Everyone loves cricket but everyone can’t play cricket right?” So I was disheartened but then I started trending and I called him,saying that I am trending on number 7 and sent Aamir some links,but he sent me a link of Satyamev Jayate and said I am trending on number 1.I told Aamir that he is a prime actor and I m a ‘has been’ actress so obviously he will be on number one.” But he still competed with me just imagine.”


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