5 Countries Where Bollywood is Popular

Visit these countries and feel like home.

Bollywood has originated from India, but it has spread its roots across the world. The way movies are presented in Bollywood is far different from any American or British movie. Bollywood believes in being larger-than-life. That’s the reason there are plenty of dance and song sequences in the movies. It helps people to escape the monotony of their daily life and get lost into this fantasy-like world. That’s why Bollywood has become so popular in other parts of the world.It gives people a different culture to enjoy, some feel-good moments and beautiful songs to hum. Here are the 5 countries where Bollywood is popular.


Russia and India have shared a long history of friendship. One of the reasons they bonded so well was Bollywood. In Russia, Raj Kapoor’s movies were a big hit. He was the superstar there and people flocked to the theatres to watch his movies. Besides him, Mithun Chakraborty was also a huge star in Russia. Russian people has a very Bollywood-like image of India, and we do not deny that entirely. After all, we, Indians, are quite filmy. It’s good that a constant exchange of culture has been happening between India and Russia since a long time.



Egypt has a huge market for Bollywood movies. There was a point when Bollywood movies were banned in Egypt because Egyptians preferred Bollywood over the movies produced in their country. But due to constant demand and global rise of Hindi movies, Bollywood returned to Egyptian theatres and people continued watched Bollywood movies with great joy and happiness. Amitabh Bachchan is a big star in Egypt. If you’d ever visit Egypt, you will encounter a lot of his fans there who love to watch his movies and talk about him. Isn’t it great to see India flourishing in different parts of the world?



Indonesia is one of the biggest consumers of Indian television serials and movies. Shahrukh Khan is among the most well-known Indian stars there with his  movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge among the famous Indian movies. Indonesia is one of the most visited countries by Indians with Bali being a preferred Honeymoon destination. It seems like both the countries have something entertaining to offer each other.



Due to the strained relationship between India and Pakistan, Bollywood movies have been banned for now, but Pakistan offers the biggest market for Bollywood movies outside India. They watch Bollywood movies as much as we do, and love to swoon over the Indian stars as much as we enjoy their Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan. Bollywood is the bond that still keeps these two countries tied together, as the exchange of artists happen often.


United Arab Emirates

Bollywood has quite an impact over this middle-eastern country. Dubai has an entire theme park dedicated to Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan has just been featured in a video for tourism in Dubai. Many of the Bollywood live shows take place in Dubai. Bollywood is flourishing in UAE.


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