Bollywood Songs That are Blatant Lifts: Part 1

These songs are unabashed copies.

Bollywood music directors have often been accused of plagiarism. While some songs might sound similar due to sheer coincidence. But other times, some of the music directors lift off some foreign languages songs, thinking that general public is not clever enough to suspect. And considering the huge popularity these songs have gained, they seem right. It’s quite unfortunate that these music directors are stealing someone’s work and making a lot of money. But it’s high time that we start praising original work and catch the plagiarizers red-handed! Here is a list of a few Bollywood songs that are blatant lifts.

Nashe Si Chad Gayi

This latest superhit song, Nashe Si Chad Gayi, is copied from Jonjou Romantica OST’s track. Vishal and Shekhar were quite sly to steal the music from anime, as they are not that popular in India.

Ladki Kyun Na Jane Kyun – Roya by Andy

All of us hummed this catchy song of Hum-Tum. Music directors, Jatin and Lalit, actually lifted the music of this song from the song ‘Roya’ by Andy Armenian. Listen to this song and catch the similarity on your own.

Khallas Veerappan – Get Low by DJ Snake

It’s insane how blatantly the music is copied by Sharib and Toshi. DJ Snake’s famous song, Get Low, turned into a cheap copy of an unknown Bollywood song. It’s quite funny that even the lyrics of the songs are borrowed from an old hit song, Khallas.

Bhool Bhullaiya – My Lecon by JTL

Pritam is the well-known plagiarizer of Bollywood. He has copied plenty of songs and is still ruling the music industry of Bollywood. The title track of Bhool Bhullaiya is directly taken from a Korean instrumental called My Lecon. It makes us feel highly ashamed of liking this song without bothering to give any credit to its original creators.

Bheegi Bheegi – Prithibita by Mohinder Ghoraguli

This song of the movie, Gangster, became an instant hit among the listeners. But sadly, this song has been copied from a Bengali song called Prithibita by one of India’s first rock bands.

Dil Dil Hindustan – Dil Dil Pakistan by Junaid Jamshed

The music director, Anand Milind, not only stole the music of this Pakistani patriotic song, but he also copied the entire lyrics. They just replaced the word ‘Pakistan’ from ‘Hindustan’. It’s sad that that some of our music directors can’t even create a patriotic song.

Maine Pyar Kiya – I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder

All the 90s kids loved to hum Maine Pyar Kiya’s songs directed by Raamlaxman, but this title track is copied from a famous English song by Stevie Wonder.

Teri Meri – Romanian Prayer by Cleopatra Stratan

One of the biggest romantic songs of Bollywood, Teri Meri, is copied from a Romanian prayer sang by an eight-year-old girl, Cleopatra Stratan. After listening to the prayer, we feel like it has more emotions as compared to the romantic songs.

Pal Pal Har Pal – Theme for a dream by Cliff Richard

This soulful song from Lage Raho Munna Bhai is copied from a Cliff Richard’s song. The music is directed by Shantanu Moitra. No matter how hummable this Bollywood song is, but we still feel like Bollywood should learn to give the credit where its due.



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