5 Biggest Mistakes of Shahrukh Khan

Even King Khan can commit mistakes.

Shahrukh Khan is considered as the biggest star in the world. He has gained a massive fan following through his movies. In fact, his personality can charm anyone. It’s no wonder that many females love Shahrukh Khan. He is witty and intelligent, but there have been times when Shahrukh Khan ended up committing some mistakes. They proved to be fatal for him, but Shahrukh Khan still managed to overcome those setbacks. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes of Shahrukh Khan’s life.

1. R.A. One

R.A. One is Shahrukh Khan’s first mistake. After doing movies like Chak De! India and My Name is Khan, viewers’ expectations from him heightened. Shahrukh Khan wanted to present a story that would particularly appeal to kids, and it indeed did. But it failed to mesmerize the adults. Shahrukh Khan lost a lot of money over it. The movie couldn’t prove to be as much of a big success as Shahrukh Khan hoped for. Ultimately, it made many people question Shahrukh Khan’s mindset while producing the movie. Perhaps, he wanted to try something different.


2. Alliance with Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh Khan did his first Rohit Shetty’s movie in the year 2013. It was Chennai Express. Shahrukh entered into 100 crore club through this movie, but it failed to impress anyone. The movie seemed a shitty copy of a South Indian movie. Shahrukh Khan was in the rush to enter into the 100 crore club. Considering the fact that the audience were crazy about such movies (Clue: Wanted and Dabangg), so Shahrukh Khan board on this train and the venture proved to be profitable for him. But it made his long-time fans sad, as we are used to seeing Shahrukh Khan in good movies. One movie ruined our evergreen couple, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. It was none other than Dilwale. It was another Rohit Shetty’s movie that didn’t offer anything good to Shahrukh Khan in terms of role. The movie didn’t do well despite entering into 100 crore club. Dilwale made many people demand from Shahrukh Khan to start making good movies.


3. Farah Khan’s Happy New Year

Happy New Year was a totally senseless movie which tried too hard to be funny. But most of its punch lines fell flat. It is certainly one of the weakest performances by Sharukh Khan. It’s painful to see someone as talented as SRK wasting his skills over movies like Happy New Year.


4. Wankhede Stadium Conflict

Shahrukh Khan got into a conflict with Wankhede Stadium security forces. Though, it’s said that the security forces were treating his children in the wrong manner. Shahrukh Khan got banned from the stadium. All the charges are cleared, and the ban over Shahrukh Khan has been removed. So, it seems like Shahrukh Khan was indeed right. But the case brought unnecessary negative publicity to his way.


5. SRK-Salman Khan’s Fight

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were famous for their innate bond. But one fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party proved to be fatal for their friendship. They got into a huge fight and the entire industry got divided into two camps. We think that it was wrong for both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan to fight. But now, they are over their issues and are back to being friends.





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