5 Times Bollywood FAILED to Produce an Epic Drama like Bahubali

5 Times Bollywood FAILED to Produce an Epic Drama like Bahubali

Bollywood is known as the one of the biggest movie Industry in the world. The amount of money invested in Bollywood movies is huge. But it doesn’t guarantee the fact that the product created would bring good Bollywood box office news. Since the release of Bahubali, an argument is put forward that Bollywood doesn’t create movies like this epic drama. That’s not true. Bollywood has tried to capture the magnificence of epic sagas and Indian history to make a grand movie out of them, but failed miserably. Here are 5 times when Bollywood failed to produce an epic drama like Bahubali.


It was Shahrukh Khan’s first attempt to act in a Historical Epic Drama. While some parts of the movie were a hit with the audience, other parts missed the mark. But we have to say the action scenes were good, considering the fact that it was produced 16 years ago. But Asoka’s biggest downfall was its over-the-top Bollywood songs and trying too hard to make the movie appear more mainstream. A true cinema lover only cares about how honestly the movie managed to portray that era. Asoka could have been a great movie and be at the front page of all Bollywood box office news, only if it focussed on being more true to the story, instead of adding Bollywood masala to it.


Touted as an Epic Love Story, Veer was proved debacle by the Bollywood Box Office news. A half-baked story, half-convincing war scene and a boring love angle added to it, Veer had nothing going for it. Set in 19th century during the British Era, it tried to sell concepts regarding nationalism to the audience. But let’s face it, Salman Khan in a costume drama is indigestible. Moreover, the entire vibe of the movie failed to take us back to that time period.


A Love Story Drama set during the time of World War II, Rangoon was considered one of the most awaited movies of 2017. Unfortunately, the movie couldn’t live up to the expectations of the audience. Some of the scenes of Rangoon were downright breathtaking, but the movie couldn’t save itself from drowning. Vishal Bhardwaj’s direction showed the capability of Indian filmmakers, but he couldn’t execute his idea on the grand scale he had thought to. Moreover, even if it was a love story, it would have been appreciable if Rangoon focussed on other aspects of World War II as well. A great topic went waste.


AshutoshGowariker’s movie, MohenjoDaro faced a lot of criticism, as it got everything wrong about the era. As per Bollywood Box Office news, it was not a profitable venture. The movie was at the top on the list of every movie-goer, as this topic had never been tackled before. But again, our Bollywood directors failed to remain true to the story.


Jumping back and forth between past and present, Mirzya looked promising. This epic romantic thriller’s trailer was a hit with the audience. But the same cannot be said about the movie. Despite some great scenes from the old era that showed some potential, it failed to make a place in the hearts of the audience.

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