Shocking! These are the Real Names of The Bollywood Celebs.

Change is good.

We have brought the latest Bollywood gossip. There are many actors who have changed their name. Some changed it simply because their real name was hard to remember or some of them had really bland names. We think that they have done the right thing by changing their names. Here is a list of Bollywood celebs and their real names.

Jackie Shroff – Jaikishen Kaku Bhai

Jackie Shroff has a very unique real name. Known as Jaikishen Kaku Bhai in real life, Jackie Shroff is indeed a Bhai of all the celebrities.


Salman Khan – Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan

Salman Khan is present in every latest Bollywood gossip. He has a very complex name. With the prefix of Abdul Rashid Salim, we certainly think this name would have been hard to remember.

Salman khan in Bodyguard

Preity Zinta – Preetham Singh Zinta

Preity Zinta had a somewhat a manly name. We think that her fake name ‘Preity’ suits her more than her real name.


Govinda – Govind Arun Ahuja

Govinda’s real name, Govind Arun Ahuja, has become well-known even among his fans. In fact, in Om Shanti Om, they had a particular scene dedicated to making fun of Govinda’s real, less ‘glamorous’ name.


Katrina Kaif – Kate Torquotte

We certainly think that by taking up her father’s surname, Katrina has made her name easy to remember, as it makes it to every latest Bollywood gossip. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to even pronounce her real surname.

katrina kalf

Mallika Sherawat – Reema Lamba

It’s funny how Mallika Sherawat’s fake name suits her image of a seductress whereas her real name is really bland and ordinary. It’s a job well done!

Mallika Sherawat

Akshay Kumar – Rajiv Hariom Bhatia

Akshay Kumar’s real name, Rajiv Hariom Bhatia, is as famous as his fake name. In fact, all legal procedures of Akshay Kumar happen under his real name. We think that even though his fake name is easy to remember, but his real name could have worked as well.

akshay kumar

Amitabh Bachchan – Inquilab Srivastava

Here is some latest Bollywood gossip. If sources are to be believed, then Amitabh Bachchan was originally known as Inquilab Srivastava. The name is really different and unique. But there is certain charm in his fake name.

Amitabh bachchan

Dilip Kumar – Yousuf Khan

Surprisingly, Dilip Kumar made a transition from a muslim to a Hindu name. We think that Yousuf Khan could have worked as well, but Dilip Kumar flows really well.


Shahid Kapur – Shahid Khattar

Shahid Kapur changed his surname from Khattar to Kapur. Kapur, being a famous surname in the tinsel town, has certainly made Shahid Kapur’s name recognizable.

shahid kapoor

Sunny Deol – Ajay Singh Deol

Sunny Deol’s glamorous name is very easy to read and remember, but his real name is kinda forgettable. His name, Ajay Singh Deol, doesn’t have that charm.


Saif Ali Khan – Sajid Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s newborn son is in the controversies for his name, but do you know that even Saif Ali Khan is not this actor’s real name? He is actually Sajid Ali Khan.


Bobby Deol – Vijay Singh Deol

Just like Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol also has a very ordinary real name. Rhyming with his brother’s name, Ajay, Bobby Deol was named Vijay Singh Deol.


Mithun Chakraborty – Gouranga Chakraborty

Mithun has done the right thing by changing his name from the complicated Gouranga to the easy name, Mithun.


Rekha – Bhanurekha Ganesan

Rekha had a very difficult name. Known as Bhanurekha Ganesan after her birth, Rekha changed her name and took up the different persona altogether!


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