Shocking: This Superstar is Dating a Young Actress!

What are they up to?

This young actress is starring in a much awaited movie with a Bollywood Superstar by her side.The girl has instantly captivated our attention through its trailer, as she looked totally badass and revealed her top-notch acting skills. She has made appearance along side the super star in multiple celebrity talk shows. This young actress has certainly hogged a lot of limelight through her looks and intense acting. Even more than the Bollywood superstar himself. There is no romantic angle between them in the movie, but it seems like something is cooking between them.

Our inside sources have revealed it’s possible that this young actress is dating the beloved superstar. The Superstar already has children from his previous marriage. Besides that, the Superstar has been linked with various woman from time to time. However, off late it seemed as if he was quite dedicated to his current married life.

Nothing much has been spoken about this alleged link up. All of it seems to be happening in a hush-hush manner. Amidst the popularity of the movie, we are sure that the Superstar would not want such a news to leak out and create a taste of displeasure among his fans. On the other hand, the young actress is quite new in Bollywood. She has just worked in one Bollywood movie as a child artist. Her career has just started, and such a news can bring chaos in her professional as well as personal life.

Can you guess who this Bollywood superstar and young talented actress are?


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